Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Once you are diagnosed with hypertension, you cannot cure high blood pressure thoroughly. But, by making certain changes in your lifestyle and your diet, you can lower your blood pressure to great extent. The most important things to look for to reduce blood pressure is your diet for high blood pressure. To know more about foods to lower blood pressure, read Take A Healthy Diet To Prevent Hypertension

Now, your foods to lower blood pressure should be low in cholesterol. You should take only the required amount of salt in your meal and avoid extra salt in your diet by completely excluding salty items such as pickles and chips from your diet. You should say no to canned and tinned foodstuff containing salt and dried fruits, fried foods, sweets and cakes should be out of your reach, especially, if you are overweight.
There are certain ways to lower blood pressure along with taking foods to lower blood pressure. These are:

I) Maintain healthy weight as it is very important in controlling blood pressure.
II) You should not consume too many fats. Your source of fat should be olive oil, corn oil and sunflower oil.
III) Don't drink alcohol or indulge in smoking if you are really interested in lowering high blood pressure. It may worsen the condition.
IV) Go for blood pressure herbal remedy like garlic and gooseberry. Fat and sodium, if taken in moderation, can help you control your blood pressure.