Diet and Exercise For Hypertension

Hypertension is a bodily condition in which the blood pressure gets elevated chronically. It is also termed as high blood pressure and is usually associated with a high threat of heart attack or stroke.

Diet and exercises can play a vital role in reducing the levels of high blood pressure. Diet must be rich in nutrients, and be able to provide the necessary nutrients required by the body. Exercises are beneficial in controlling the heart beat besides helping in the normal functioning and development of the various body organs.

A healthy diet must contain vital nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats which are required by the body to perform its normal functions. The following food products contain these necessary nutrients:

Carbohydrates- Fruits and vegetables, rice, mille, potatoes and corn.
Fat- Whole milk, poultry skin, cheese and nut.
Vitamins- Seeds, wheat germ, algae and brewer’s yeast.
Minerals- Grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, pulses and Soya flour.
Protein- Meat, chicken, nuts, eggs, lentils and Soy beans.
Iron– Dry fruits, nuts, leafy green vegetables, Soya flour, pulses and seeds.

The saturated fats intake must be limited to reduce the cholesterol levels. Avoid whole milk and take skimmed milk instead. Avoid the use of alcohol, smoking, caffeine and dairy products.

For exercises, you must consult a certified physical instructor and start with a schedule accordingly. The exercise schedule must be such that it may not exert excessive pressure on the body and provide optimal benefits. Exercises help in the prevention of diseases of the heart besides strengthening its muscles. It is also beneficial in reducing the blood pressure level, and increasing the HDL (high density lipoprotein) and reducing LDL (low density lipoprotein). It is also helpful in improving the circulation of blood in the body thus raising the capacity of the heart to pump blood..

Studies have revealed that people who take regular physical exercises witness a reduction in the level of blood pressure and it also help in curbing the body fat thus preventing the further risk of high blood pressure.