Your Diet Plays A Major Role In Causing Obesity, Blood Pressure And Other Diseases

Hypertension or high blood pressure- it is a major problem all over the world, especially in America. More and more automation in office and domestic work, means giving more and more scope for fat to deposit in your body. Therefore, the present weight of America is more than what it was twenty years ago. What are the reasons for this type of development in your body? Fat is not something that is dropped into your body from the heaven. Your extravagant lifestyle and extra fat and sodium intake are responsible for your body bulge. Is obesity the gift of your parents? Yes, their habits could be the fat contributing factor! Since you are an intelligent guy now, capable of taking independent decisions, you are entitled to review your food habits.

Having known the art of controlling diet, learn the method of correct blood pressure readings. Take note of two numbers in the blood pressure reading. The number on the top is systolic pressure. This is the measure of pressure caused in the arteries, as the heart contracts. The other number, known as the diastolic pressure, is the pressure created, when the heart fills with blood. Accuracy in reading the blood pressure is more important. The very fact that you are in the doctor's chamber, to take the measure of your blood pressure, creates additional blood pressure.

You are the creator of your blood pressure. So, at least now have the patience to measure the pressure, without any mental pressure.

Hypertension or blood pressure means extra strain on your heart. The strain slowly turns into a disease, and the disease paves way for the attack. Attack may lead to death, and if saved, certainly to additional attacks.

Know for certain that any type of medication along with your existing lifestyle will be of no help to you. The best way to control high blood pressure is through lifestyle changes. When did you do your last exercise? When you were in the high school? You need to do it again, at least for 15 minutes a day, regularly from this day onwards. Gradually increase it to 30 minutes a day.

The second step is dietary changes. Review your food habits with an impartial mental attitude. Firstly, you need to free yourself from constipation, which is the root cause of many a diseases, including high blood pressure. This is possible by switching over to fruits and seasonal vegetables. Also, shift to items with lots of fiber.