Blood Pressure Alarms

Kidney Damage From High Blood Pressure

They may just number in two, but then they are essential for your survival and maintenance of a healthy life and normal Blood Pressure. Inversely, blood pressure is also in a crucial way responsible for the maintenance of your kidneys, and high blood pressure or hypertension can cause substantial damage to your kidneys. More than 25,000 cases of kidney failure are reported in the US, every year.

Kidney damage from high blood pressure-how?

Kidney failure is also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and high blood pressure is found to be one of the major causes. The only probable solution to this is a kidney transplant or to undergo a procedure of dialysis.

The kidney is one of the chief excretory organs of the body. Its primary function is to remove wastes, basically liquids from the body. The kidney is made up of a large number of blood vessels. Now, if there is a high incidence of blood pressure in the body, it will damage all the blood vessels in the body due to continued strain and pressure on the outer walls of the blood vessels, including the vessels present in the kidneys. This may sabotage the normal functioning of the kidneys and which may subsequently affect the excretion of waste from the body. Over a prolonged period of time, it may prove to be vicious as the wastes may start getting all crammed up inside the kidney. Thereby, it could become dangerous for the patient.

It can be detected with the help of a series of blood tests known as the Glomerular Filtration. It helps detect the presence of Creatinine in the blood of your kidney. Too much of it is a sure sign of a probable kidney failure. Another major indication is the presence of a kind of protein in your kidney, Proteinuria, in you urine.