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The Relationship Between Kidney Problems And High Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from any of the kidney diseases, you should immediately get your blood pressure checked. This is because kidneys have a great influence on your blood pressure.

Reportedly, many people suffering from kidney diseases have been affected by high blood pressure and many of the heart problems. Further your kidney condition can worsen with constant rise in blood pressure. Thus, it is vital for you to get your self diagnosed for blood pressure related problems today.

So, let’s find out how your kidneys and blood pressure are related at all.
Kidney is a very vital organ of the human body. It helps you get rid of the waste products that get accumulated in the body with time. Similarly, it also helps to maintain normal levels of blood pressure.

Due to malfunctioning in any one of the kidneys, the regular flow of blood through the organ gets disturbed. This effect can be seen in the form of reduced blood flow through the organ. And when the blood flow in any of the kidneys is reduced, the organ in response to it releases a hormone known as Angiotensin II.

Angiotensin II is a hormone, which is made up of 453 amino acids. This hormone when produced works to constrict the blood vessels. And when the blood vessels are constricted, the blood pressure automatically shoots up leading to hypertension. Besides the excess production of Angiotensin II hormone in the body, there is a possibility of blood clot as well.

Besides, Angiotensin II is also responsible for increasing sodium absorption by the kidneys in the body. Excess absorption of sodium element is not good for the blood pressure. The sodium ions increase the pressure with which the blood flows in the body due to excess retention of water in the body.

There is another disorder related to the kidneys that lead to high blood pressure, which is the renovascular hypertenion. This disorder predominantly afflicts the teenagers than the older people. In this disorder, the renal arteries that carry blood to the kidneys get narrowed down. As a result of this, a hormone, renin is released in the body. The hormone increases the blood flow in the kidneys thus increasing blood pressure.

But the good news here is all these kidney-related high blood pressure problems are treatable. Be aware and take guidance from a good medical professional and diligently follow the instructions.