Blood Pressure And Your Health

High Blood Pressure And Progesterone Connection

Progesterone is a female hormone that has various functions in the body. Studies are being conducted to find out the relation between high blood pressure and progesterone. There is good news in that some studies have shown that the hormone can help in reducing high blood pressure.

Yet, there is a vital point that needs to be discussed here while talking about blood pressure control through progesterone. This hormone or products based on the hormone cannot be used for treating any type of high blood pressure. They have to be used high blood pressure induced by estrogen. Let me make the point more lucid and clear.

Women often take birth control pills which contain estrogen. This hormone prevents implantation of the fetus in the womb. The effect of estrogen is opposite of  progesterone, which actually supports conception. Consuming birth control pills regularly may cause high blood pressure and pose threat to your cardiovascular health.

Hence progesterone based medicines are prescribed for balancing the level of estrogen in the body and reducing  the blood pressure level caused by the latter. A renowned doctor, Dr. Milton G. Crane researched and found that estrogen dominance and high usage of birth control pills is one of the main causes of high blood pressure in women. He found that if the hormones are balanced with the help of progesterone from the body or natural supplementation of progesterone the blood pressure turns to normal the moment the body hormonal balance returns to normal.

On the other hand some other studies have also found that high amounts of progesterone in the body can also increase the risk of high blood pressure. Thus we can conclude that a balance of progesterone and estrogen is essential in the body for keeping the blood pressure normal.

It’s always recommended that you take advice of doctors before taking birth control pills and consult a physician if you feel some kind of uneasiness or anxiety and other abnormalities.