Blood Pressure And Your Health

Homeostasis Using Blood Pressure Regulation

Homeostasis using blood pressure regulation is quite possible. Homeostasis is a process by which the organs of the body are kept in such a healthy condition that they function properly without any hindrance. Homeostasis ensures that organs may not exert themselves so much so that metabolism and other physiological condition of the body get disturbed. In the process of homeostasis the internal environment of the body is kept constant as opposed to the chaining external environment. In this connection regulating blood pressure may be a good method to attain homeostasis.

To attain homeostasis through regulating blood pressure several factors are to be taken into account. These factors include respiratory rate, heart rate, water balance, blood sugar level and detoxification. As you know the pressure exerted on the walls of arteries is called blood pressure which is made possible by heart beats. Blood pressure increases with the increase of blood volume and any reduction in the cross sectional area of the blood vessels. Neurons in vasomotor located in the medulla oblongata may increase the heart beat and also play a role in the constriction of the blood vessels. The vasomotor can be activated by giving impulses to it by the pressoreceptors in the arteries and aorta. The activated vasomotor can prevent any sudden increase in the blood pressure.

Kidneys also play an important role in regulating blood volume. Kidneys retain sodium followed by the reabsorption of water which contributes to the rise in blood pressure and blood volume also. In case of high blood pressure atrial hormone is released by heart which affects kidneys negatively. These mechanisms show the fact the hormone play a significant role in regulating blood pressure and at the same time any alteration in the actions of hormone can affect the functioning of the different organs of the body making it possible to attain homeostasis. By controlling and regulating the release of these hormones a healthy blood pressure level can be maintained which would ultimately help attain homeostasis.