Blood Pressure And Your Health

To live longer, keep your blood pressure normal

Blood pressure is the force of the blood exerted on the walls of the arteries and every individual in sound health has a normal range of blood pressure though it varies from person to person. However, being normally healthy, it is utmost important to have this normal range of blood pressure.

The normal blood pressure ranges between 100 to 140 mm Hg for systolic pressure and 70 to 90 mm of Hg of diastolic pressure. The average count lies somewhere between 120/80 mm Hg. However, there is always a variation from situation to situation. Even the normal value fluctuates from person to person due to age and other factors like diseases, gender, race etc.

Normal blood pressure range also varies when you do exercise; undergo emotional reactions, excitements, in digestion process and at the time of sleep and do other metabolic activities. For all these reasons, according to diagnostic comparability, there is no static normal range of blood pressure. That is why hypertension is diagnosed only when a person has additional symptoms along with higher variations of blood pressure or has prolonged high systolic and diastolic pressure. Hence, medicos consider a person having normal blood pressure only if he or she has a pressure range between the given below scale:

Systolic pressure between 110-140 mm Hg.
Diastolic pressure between 70-90 mm Hg.

The normal blood pressure of children is generally low compared to adults and as a person advances to his/ her age the arteries slowly reduce their flexibility and the blood has to move with more force exerting pressure on the walls. For these reasons, a person has to take care of certain life style habits to keep the pressure normal for a healthier cardiovascular life. Otherwise, prolonged variation of blood pressure can lead to a number of complications. Here is table showing the variations and vulnerability of blood pressure:
210 - 120 - Stage 4 High Blood Pressure
180 - 110 - Stage 3 High Blood Pressure
160 - 100 - Stage 2 High Blood Pressure
140 - 90 - Stage 1 High Blood Pressure
140 - 90 - Borderline of high blood pressure
130 - 85 - High Normal
120 - 80 - Normal Blood Pressure
110 - 75 - Low Normal
90 - 60 – Borderline of low blood pressure.
60 - 40 – Too low blood pressure
50 - 33 – Danger level low blood pressure