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All About Preeclampsia

A dangerous pregnancy related condition that can prove fatal for mother as well as her baby is known as preeclampsia. Characterized by high blood pressure, this potentially serious condition hits almost 5-8% of women every year. High protein release in mothers-to-be can lead to preeclampsia. Practically, there is no definite cure to such condition. But, doctors advise bed rest and some medications to help you keep the baby as long as possible.

This complication generally occurs in late pregnancy; however it can arrive earlier as well. Primarily, teen pregnancy or women with obesity develop this complication. To avoid any complications in pregnancy, this condition must be treated at an earlier stage only. Preeclampsia differs in its severity. Mild preeclampsia is not as complicated as severe preeclampsia. Severe preeclampsia can cause serious problems to a pregnant woman such as:

* Maternal kidney problems
* Preterm birth
* Respiratory problems in a baby
* Maternal liver problems
* Call for cesarean delivery
* Fetal growth restriction

  Therefore, preeclampsia is a serious complication in pregnancy that should be dealt with at the initial stages.

Main causes leading to preeclampsia

* Autoimmune disorders
* Poor diet
* Heredity
* Blood vessel problems

How can one figure out preeclampsia in a pregnant woman?
A woman suffering from preeclampsia can observe certain symptoms such as:

* Swelled hands, legs, wrists, or ankles
* Persistent headache
* Abdominal pain
* Sudden weight gain
* Dizziness
* Nausea and vomiting
* Visual disturbances
* Confusion, anxiety, & mental status changes

The first sign is high blood pressure. As soon as elevated blood pressure is witnessed, go for a urine test and analyze it to check whether it contains proteins. Urine having proteins ascertains preeclampsia.

How to treat preeclampsia?
The only cure of preeclampsia is delivery of the baby. If preeclampsia is mild and the fetus is not mature, doctors advise bed rest to cure this complication. Some blood pressure medications are also recommended.

Measures to prevent preeclampsia
A woman at a higher risk to develop preeclampsia can take low dose aspirin as an effective preventive aid. The extreme treatments such as magnesium injections are also a preventive aid against seizure. Two successful ways of eliminating the chances of preeclampsia are:

Antioxidant supplements- Consult your physician for the right antioxidant supplement.

Stress reduction- This is the most effective way to avoid risk of preeclampsia. Studies have proved that women indulged in some form of stress management activity like yoga, meditation or deep breathing have less chances of suffering from preeclampsia.

As preeclampsia can affect the brain, kidney, as well as the lungs; it is requisite to take precautionary measures against it at an earlier stage of pregnancy only.