Hypertension Risk Factors

Blindness and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, if left untreated for a long period of time, can have a number of adverse effects on health. In such cases, high blood pressure affects the kidneys, heart and cardiovascular system, brain and the eyes.

Yes, surprisingly, hypertension may cause blindness. This however happens if the condition is left untreated over an extended period of time. Blindness due to any damage to the optic nerves also known as glaucoma is not uncommon. This damage to the optical nerves may be caused due to the high blood pressure condition. This damage is done to these nerves if there is an excess pressure on the intra-ocular cells in the eyes. But there may be other reasons for damage to the optical nerves as well. Therefore high blood pressure does not always result in blindness.

There is a debate as to does high blood pressure really raises the risk of blindness. In other words, are people with high blood pressure level more prone to glaucoma or blindness?

Medical research has concluded that people with high blood pressure are not at risk of developing glaucoma or any other eye disorder if they keep their hypertension under control by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking their medication on time. In other words, if the factors that contribute to high blood pressure are kept in check and if high blood pressure is controlled, then individuals need not worry about eye disorders.

The African- American people are more prone to risk of high blood pressure and blindness, particularly when they cross the age of 60 and if they have a family history of  blindness due to high blood pressure.

The symptoms of glaucoma may not be obvious at all time. In case you suffer from high blood pressure then it is advisable to have your eyes regularly checked to rule out development of eye disorders.