Hypertension Risk Factors

Complications Associated With High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a dangerous health condition. It can cause numerous complications, some of which can be life threatening.
This is one of the most common and serious complications associated with blood pressure. Two third of the individuals who have dealt with the first stroke usually have inflated blood pressure levels. People suffering from high blood pressure levels are usually at a ten times greater risk of developing a stroke.

Mental problems and dementia
Short term memory problems and dementia can also be caused as a result of chronic high blood pressure. There is also a risk of certain complications in the brain if the person is dealing with isolated systolic hypertension. Thankfully enough, most of these memory problems can be avoided by controlling blood pressure with the use of anti hypertensive drugs.

Heart disease
This is one of the most common complications caused as a result of high BP levels. Hypertension could cause heart attack and may even lead to heart failure in some cases. 50 % of the people suffering from their first heart attack have at least moderately high blood pressure levels. The risk of heart attack is 5 times higher in blood pressure patients as compared to individuals who do not have the problem. Heart failure could also be caused as a result of hypertension. Almost 70% to 95% of heart failure cases are due to hypertension.

Diabetes and kidney disease
High BP can be one of the contributing factors for the development of diabetes. Anti-hypertensive drugs too could lead to the development of diabetes. Though all anti hypertensive drugs bring in the risk of diabetes, it is diuretics, specifically thiazide diuretics that bring in maximum risk.

Apart from contributing to diabetes, high BP levels can also cause diabetes related kidney diseases, also known as diabetic nephropathy. End stage kidney disease could also be caused as a result of the problem. 30% of end stage kidney diseases are caused as a result of high blood pressure.

Bone loss
Hypertension causes an increased elimination sof calcium through the body in the form of urine. This, in turn leads to a reduction in bone mineral density, making an individual more susceptible to fractures. This condition is more common in women as compared to the men.

Sexual dysfunction
Men dealing with hypertension are at a high risk of developing sexual dysfunction. Several anti hypertensive drugs are known to cause impotence as one of the side effects. However, the newly developed drugs to treat the problem are accompanied with slightly lower chances of causing erectile dysfunction.

In case you want to avoid the above mentioned complications, make sure that you keep your blood pressure levels in control.