Hypertension Risk Factors

Hypertension and Smoking

Smoking and hypertension are related to each other. Cigarette smoking elevates the blood pressure level by 5 to 10 mm Hg during the day. The first cigarette of the day has this particular effect on the smoker's body. It has been found by a study that cigarette smoking increases the systolic blood pressure count by at least 20 mm Hg. This is a more dangerous development. At the same time, it has been observed that smokers generally have low blood pressure than the non-smokers.

This predicts that any hypertensive individual should avoid smoking because it would increase the already elevated blood pressure. And it may cause a heart attack in no time. Thus, smoking can acutely raise your blood pressure level. However, it is yet to be established that smoking has any contribution in causing Hypertension. And this is not all, in spite of major reduction in high blood pressure smoking is found to be an independent factor in complicating renal function through elevating high blood pressure. The mechanism behind this complication is not yet clear.

There are two types of hypertension that people usually suffer from. The first is called primary hypertension, the cause of which is unknown. 90% of people suffer from this kind of hypertension. The other kind is called secondary hypertension. In this case, the underlying cause is identifiable. Anybody might fall prey to this kind of hypertension. But, smokers stand a much higher risk of contracting this problem.

Smoking is not advisable to any person as a habit. But, if any individual is suffering from hypertension and has the habit of smoking then it has to be strongly insisted that the person quits smoking as soon as possible. Smoking has multiple effects on human body. It is the primary cause of lung cancer and is also potent factor in causing erectile dysfunction in males. But, primarily in the case of hypertension it has a strong contribution towards increasing the acidity in the blood and stifling its free flow. This has a direct effect on your heart. Therefore, smoking and hypertension cannot go together.