Hypertension Risk Factors

Pediatric Hypertension Is On Rage

The latest publication of National Heart, Lungs and Blood Institute reveals that pediatric hypertension is growing like an epidemic throughout the United States of America. But, now it has become a matter of concern as it is rapidly spreading among adolescents and children. The rate of increase in smaller age groups is more than any other age-groups.

Pediatric hypertension remains for a lifetime if you happen to catch it once. It has always been associated with atherosclerosis. It leads to cardiovascular diseases even in adolescents and increases the risk of organ damage, heart attack and stroke.

Now, American Academy of Pediatrics recommends people to inculcate the habit of blood pressure screening as an important part of pediatric care. This is the best way to keep away from this problem all together.
Often people ask if there are any treatments for pediatric hypertension available? Indeed, there are some treatments available for pediatric hypertension. But, like for all other diseases, you have to go through some medical or blood pressure tests to know about the correct treatment. These tests involve assessment of your present blood pressure, diabetes test and record of your past blood pressure. Subsequently, the doctor would compare your present as well as past blood samples. Based on the status of your case, he/she would suggest you the required course of medication.

There is a big misconception among the people that pediatric hypertension is an underlying disease. In fact, it is an essential hypertension that is normally similar to the one found in adults. However, the chances of its occurrence are more in those adolescents who have diabetes mellitus or have inherited hypertension.

Though existing information is not enough to deal with such a severe disease, experts are trying to solve the remaining mystery surrounding its causes and treatments.