Hypertension Risk Factors

Post Surgical Hypertension- Nothing to Worry About!

Post surgical hypertension is a common phenomenon seen in the patients who get operated. There may be several causes behind thus condition but urinary retention has been found to be one obvious cause of high blood pressure after an operation. If not it, then the doctor can easily diagnose the cause by a simple physical examination.
Post operative hypertension occurs not only among those who already have hypertension. People with no history of high blood pressure may suffer from this condition as well after they get operated. The problem is that in case of a patient having a history of hypertension, the situation might become uncontrollable.

The doctors have to keep a lot of factors under consideration before treating post operative hypertension. In such a case any medication is prescribed only after regular physical examination and thorough history check. Also, the patient is regularly checked for vision or pain in the body.

Post operative hypertension due to urinary retention can be checked by the catheter placement. It is a good solution to control high blood pressure in such a situation. Also, intravenous or oral medication is resorted to manage high blood pressure after surgery. But, this is done with utmost care as other medications meant for surgery are already administered on the patients.
The problem is, sometimes patients do not show any symptoms of high blood pressure and it becomes a cause of concern for both, doctors as well as the patients. Almost 3 percent of patients suffer from post operative high blood pressure and in case of operation related to coronary revascularization this percentage goes up to 34 percent. But, it also depends on the mode of operation and therefore this percentage may even go up to 75.

Anyhow, post surgical hypertension is very much a normal phenomenon that must actually take place. But, the point is that the situation must stay under control.