Hypertension Risk Factors

Some Facts on Hypertension

Hypertension is not just a stand alone problem. It is generally a set of conditions that are interrelated. Hypertension refers to the situation in which your heart pumps more blood but the size of arteries becomes narrow. In other words, it is the situation when blood flows in to the blood vessels but faces resistance in your arteries in the form of a narrow passage. Such hypertension usually doesn’t carry any signs or symptoms. However, it can cause some serious health related problems and certain heart disease like heart attack or stroke.

How does your heart work if you are a victim of hypertension?
Your heart is an incredible organ of your body that supplies blood to your body. It contracts and expands 100,0000 times in day. It pumps approximately six quarter of blood each minute. During hypertension, it does not function properly as the resistance in arteries obstructs the blood flow. This situation can later grow into kidney failure or a heart attack.

Why hypertension develops?
Hypertension usually develops on its own after you cross 60 years of age. But, researches show that people suffering from overweight and high blood pressure can also become the victims of hypertension.

Why sometimes hypertension is good for health?
Hypertension is the term used for constant high blood pressure. It refers to the situation in which our heart works hard to make the blood flow through narrowed arteries. The increased pressure leads o the hardening of the artery walls. As a result, you could also become a victim of serious heart complications.

How to deal with hypertension?
It is not difficult to prevent hypertension. All you need to do is to keep your body healthy, eat healthy and nutritious food, take minimum quantity of alcohol and exercise daily. A bit of change in your lifestyle can make all the difference.