Hypertension Risk Factors

All about Hypertension Cardiovascular Disease

It has been found through statistics that people suffering from hypertension have a higher risk of suffering from various cardiovascular problems. To be precise, the chances are two to three times higher than an average person. There are many other surveys which have shown deep relation between cardiovascular problems and hypertension.

Further, long term clinical observation has pointed out that the risk of hypertension developing into cardiovascular disease can be averted but there is still no measurement as to how much control of the pressure would actually reduce the risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the risk remains present at a very significant level. Hypertension has been found in 35 % of all the cases of cardiovascular cases and in 49 % of all the cases of heart failures.

Seeing this risk, most of the research has been focused on proper diagnosis and assessment of the amount of risk a certain patient runs. There are many medical equations dedicated to such calculation. One is the Framingham risk equation which has detailed guidelines about calculating specific degree of cardiovascular risk in a hypertensive patient. It can estimate the risk up to the period of ten years of such event and also the average risk that person may be vulnerable to specifically as per his age and gender. These estimates also have several assumptions such as family history and lifestyle, etc.

There is another model of such estimation called Markov model. This model has been developed to estimate the life expectancy of a person suffering from cardiovascular disease. It is said to be much more useful as a tool of measuring the risk of cardiovascular risk. They also classify the risk into being fatal and non fatal. This specification has proved to be very useful in planning a recovery method and handling the disease in a much better way.

There is a myth that hypertension cardiovascular threats are more dangerous for men and it is not that widespread a disease. On the contrary, recent statistical findings have shown that the cases of hypertension and cardiovascular disease are increasing and it is a much widespread problem. But, it has also shown that if proper care is taken, a person can also live after an attack.