High Blood Pressure

Ginseng and High Blood Pressure

A recent study has revealed that the number of people suffering from high blood pressure is on the rise. This has increased their risk for other related diseases such as stroke, heart failure and renal disorders..

Much has been said about the ways to reduce high blood pressure, a medical condition that is  known as the silent killer. There are no obvious symptoms of the disease, whereas it can have a deleterious effect on health. There is no single cure for high blood pressure. It is a condition that can be controlled by the use of drugs, natural herbs, exercise and making changing the diet.

Let s take a look at Ginseng, a natural herb that is reputed to have a number of properties beneficial for health. Natural herbs have an advantage over drugs as the side effects are practically non existent.

Ginseng boosts the immune system of the human body and makes it capable of fighting many diseases and ailments. Ginseng contains a number of substances that energize and improve the physical as well as mental vigor and energy. 

Ginseng is a tonic for people who are recovering from general illness or a bacterial or viral infection. Besides it is a natural remedy for reducing stress and its related problems. Ginseng is also said to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics.

A number of studies are being carried out to determine the effect Ginseng has on reducing blood pressure. Although Ginseng may not directly reduce blood pressure, it promotes an efficient metabolism that in turn lowers body cholesterol and indirectly helps to reduce blood pressure.

There are many varieties of ginseng. The most popular varieties are Siberian ginseng, Chinese ginseng and Asian ginseng. It is said that the Chinese variety should be specially avoided as it most commonly leads to high blood pressure. However, the Siberian variety has a relaxing effect and can be taken in high blood pressure conditions, but only after consulting the physician.