High Blood Pressure

Herbs that Lower Blood Pressure

Generally, doctors prescribe BP lowering medicines to control rising blood pressure. But, these medications pose some side effects too. For this reason, I would like to suggest that you try herbs that lower blood pressure. These herbs act naturally, without any threat to your body from side effects. These herbs are not difficult to find and not very expensive. Some of these herbs are used in many food items that you buy. The very common herbs that lower blood pressure are garlic, hawthorn, rauwolfia, muira puama, and parsley.

Garlic - This herb is the best among all herbs for controlling bold pressure. The recommended dosage is of two cloves of raw garlic for two months that should be taken early in the morning. You can also use garlic in food items and eat it as a part of cooked food. It increases the flavor of the food and helps reducing the cholesterol from being deposited in the body.

Hawthorn - Though this herb is said to lower blood pressure, some experts have proven that it has little use but it surely can temporarily relieve high blood pressure.

Rauwolfia - You cannot use this herb directly. Its alkaloids are extracted and used to prepare medicines and other herbal products. You can get them in the herbal stores and use them under the advice of an herbal doctor. The alkaloids have a direct impact on the hypertension.

Parsley – In order to use it, simmer 20 gm of parsley leaves in 250 ml of water for 10 minutes, filter the water and then drink it. This acts as a natural astringent for blood purification.