High Blood Pressure

How Milk Protein Help Cure Blood Pressure?

Since long, researchers and medical practitioners were unaware of the several useful properties that the diary products carried with themselves. But now as new studies have come up, they have unanimously agreed upon the fact that the peptides present in the milk and diary products are one of the good alternative treatments available for blood pressure abnormalities.

The improvement in blood pressure by dairy peptides is brought in within 6-8 months of consumption. But before you recourse to this alternative treatment for hypertension, the top 3 questions in this regard are answered.

What are dairy peptides? When the milk protein “casein” is broken down, tiny dairy peptides are released. A consortium of small molecules forms peptides. To define dairy peptides, you can say they are small milk proteins or molecules made up of two or more amino acids.

How does this milk protein works in the direction of benefiting you in your blood pressure? Researches have come out with the fact that these dairy peptides act as a blocker in the pathway-action of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE). ACE is the key element in the formation of Angiotensin II in the body. As there is no ACE formation in the body, there occurs a reduction in the production of Angiotensin II enzyme. Now Angiotensin II is an important element responsible for the constriction of blood vessels. So, as the levels of Angiotensin II come down, the blood vessels do not constrict, thereby lowering your over all blood pressure.

Is there any caution before taking this alternative treatment? If you suffer from any type of allergies from the substances present in milk, you should refrain from taking such alternative treatment. Moreover, whatever treatment you plan to depend upon, it should be under the medical guidance of a good physician or specialist. Besides this, even pregnant women are also not allowed to undergo such a treatment.