High Blood Pressure

Natural Medicine And Hypertension

Natural medicines prepared from herbs, food supplements, vegetables, fruits and others have always been very smooth in all kinds of ailments except some very complicated ones. Though critics write off these medicines on the grounds of effectiveness, yet their popularity among masses could not be apprehended.
Natural medicine and hypertension go together very well. Hypertension though is considered a complicated disease, with symptoms are not that much visible, has responded well to various natural medicines meant for treating the ailment.
Why natural medicines are regarded better than OTC or prescribed drugs?
The reason for natural or home made medicines being popular among the masses suffering from high blood pressure is that they pose no side effects like the medicines prescribed. The commercial medicines often tend to cause sever side effects. Again some of them fail to act proper and the doctor then tries the other one. The bonding of  natural medicine and hypertension on the other hand is very simple one.

The various foods taken as medicines act very smoothly with the body metabolism. If one particular ingredient doesn't work then the other acts. The nutrients and other supplements of food or herbal medicines provide the best holistic healing of hypertension. The patients who have tried natural medicines for blood pressure are more satisfied and tension free.

The advantages of the holistic approach to the OTC drugs are as follows:
Firstly the natural medicines are natural and they pose no side effects. Secondly they control the blood pressure for long term perspective. Thirdly they are not 'one way go' medicines like those diuretics or beta blockers or alpha blockers. They act totally upon various sites of the body and build the immune system stronger to resist further attack.

If you are suffering from hypertension, you too can try out some natural medicines and can discuss with your doctor. You can visit a doctor who practices alternative medicine and get the advice of taking the foods that would act as medicines to control your blood pressure.