High Blood Pressure

When Considering Herbal Treatment For Blood Pressure

Recently, the field of alternative treatment has caught the attention of all- the researchers, medical practitioners and the patients. Name any disease and it will be followed by the name of an effective alternative treatment.

The same is true for the treatment of blood pressure. One of the most effective alternative treatments for lowering blood pressure is the use of herbs. Since ages, researches have been focusing on the field of herbal medicine and are trying to find out answers to the fact that how some of these herbs are miraculously effective in lowering down blood pressure.

Nevertheless, whatever the reasons be; this is a known fact that herbs since long have been used to cure various diseases and disorders and blood pressure is one of them. The best part is that more and more people are moving towards the natural methods of treatment as the contemporary allopathic medicines carry certain side effects with them.

The true essence of herbal treatment lies in the combination of various other alternative treatments like Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy along with the administration of proper diet plans. All these treatments clubbed together can give you instantaneous, long-term results for lowering down your blood pressure.

The herbs used in lowering blood pressure work in a very simple way in your body. In simple terms they induce a phenomenon that is known as diuretic effect. Diuretic effect occurs in the cells and the tissues of your body. These herbs increase the blood flow in your kidney. As the blood flow increases, the outflow of urine from the kidney also increases. As urination increases, the blood pressure automatically lowers down.

Some of the effective herbs for lowering high blood pressure are hibiscus, fennel, borage, juniper, asparagus, yarrow and hawthorne. Besides them, herbs like mistletoe and rauwolfia also work in the direction of reducing blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels. The dilation decreases the excessive water levels in the body. Thus, as the water level goes down, the blood pressure automatically reduces.

And like any other treatment, here comes a caution. A very important thing to keep in mind while administering herbal medicines is that you should always take them in a correct dosage and under the guidance of a herbal medicine practitioner. Besides, no compromise should be followed in the quality of drugs that you intend to take, as the preserved herbs can have certain unpleasant side effects on your body.