High Blood Pressure

A Brief Overview On High Blood Pressure Medicines

High blood pressure happens to be a widespread disease among people all around the world but we, Americans due to increased level of cholesterol, are more prone to this malady that often results in severe complications. There could be various reasons for why heart exerts more pressure on the blood flow that is popularly known as high blood pressure.

One common reason among Americans is widespread occurrence of high level of cholesterol. In case you discover yourself with this disease, you are needed to lay stress on dietary control. Life style changes greatly contribute in curbing hypertension. But a consistent rise in blood pressure must be treated by medications in consultation with doctor. There exist some over the counter medicines that you should strictly avoid in favor of prescription medications.

There are four common groups of high blood pressure medication that are as follows:

1) Angiotensin- Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors:
With the help of these medications, functions of enzymes that happen to bring constriction in arteries are inhibited. This constriction often happens to be a cause of hypertension. There could be certain side effects such as excessive thirst and loss of taste with intake of these inhibitors, but these effects last for only a few days. These are relatively newer drugs.

2) Diuretics:
It is most common medication for high blood pressure. This medication works in two possible ways. When diuretics are taken with a mild dosage it assists in relaxing blood arteries. The other work performed by it is facilitating out flow of excess water and sodium through urine in order to lessen the amount of blood. The only side effect associated with this medicine is reduction in potassium level of your body that happens to be an essential element for the normal functioning of body. For that food rich in potassium could be taken in plenty. Doctors often suggest potassium tablets along with this medication.

3) Calcium Channel Blockers:
This group of medicines is not too old, but their usage is gaining momentum. They affect blood pressure in a very different way. They usually tend to disrupt smooth inflow of calcium in body cells, thus reducing cells intake of calcium. With reduced calcium heart rate gets reduced easing pressure on moving blood.

4) Beta -Blockers:
Medicines of this group directly cast their impact on nervous system by making brain give a retarding signal to heart. The heart rate gets retarded and in turn pace of blood circulation decreases. Thus hypertension gets reduced. This medicine is rarely prescribed to diabetics with hypertension.

These are some common medications that you should take in consonance with constant monitoring of blood pressure through blood pressure monitor equipments. Lastly, beware of one thing. Don't overdose yourself with these medications, consequences could be disastrous.