High Blood Pressure

Checklist Of Treatment For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which blood pumped by the heart creates excessive pressure against the blood vessel walls. Your blood pressure readings are a measure of this pressure. When that reading goes above a certain point, it is called high blood pressure. You can lower your blood pressure by proper blood pressure medication. You can also lower blood pressure naturally through blood pressure herbal remedy. For further details, read Medication Part I: When Treating High Blood Pressure.

Below is a checklist of treatment for high blood pressure. You can keep your blood pressure under control by adhering to it:

1) First of all, don't be scared of high blood pressure. It can be treated.

2) You should check your blood pressure to find out if it is regularly high.

3) You should take prescribed blood pressure drugs as directed.

4) Always follow medical advice about diet and physical activity. Make an effort to lose weight if it's recommended. Make changes in your general health habits if you need to.

5) You shouldn't go from one doctor to the next, looking for a quick, easy "miracle drug". Stick to one reliable doctor or clinic and follow your treatment plan.

6) If you're on medication, be patient and don't stop treatment. If you have side effects, tell your doctor.

7) Enjoy at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week. Lowering high blood pressure would be a cakewalk if you follow the above checklist of treatment for high blood pressure.

And, do get a blood pressure tester to keep a close watch on your blood pressure.