High Blood Pressure

Flow Chart For Hypertension

There are two types of hypertension- primary and secondary. Primary hypertension is a far more common condition and accounts for 95 % of hypertension cases. High blood pressure is often caused by several factors. Blood pressure monitor is essential in the face of volatile heart rate and blood pressure. The causes of primary hypertension may be related to genetics, the environment, hormones or how much sodium (salt) you have in your diet. Lowering high blood pressure becomes difficult unless you make the changes needed to prevent it. For more information on its causes, read The Basics Of High Blood Pressure.

The secondary hypertension is caused by abnormal narrowing of the primary blood vessel supplying blood to the body from the heart, prescription and non-prescription drug usage. Recreational drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine can cause hypertensive crisis and may also lead to death.

In the above condition, flow chart for hypertension helps one keep one's blood pressure under control. A blood pressure flow chart combined with blood pressure medicine and blood pressure herbal remedies can do wonders to the health of a blood pressure patient. If your blood pressure levels are high, you should consider lowering your blood pressure immediately. So, if your blood pressure levels are too high, hurry up and take measure to lower your blood pressure immediately with blood pressure medication at the earliest. And do get a blood pressure tester for yourself so that your blood pressure measurement could be taken accurately at regular intervals. Remember, monitoring is an essential part of the treatment here.