High Blood Pressure

How To Lower High Blood Pressure Before Testing It Again?

Our blood goes through a lot of struggle during the day. It rises and dips, to and fro through out the day. This is the normal activity of the blood though. But, when the blood is elevated for a longer duration of time, it can not be considered as normal at all.

This state is known as high blood pressure or hypertension. The condition could be very harmful as it can be a major cause for many of the diseases like strokes, heart attack, kidney disorder and in some cases blindness as well.

So, as you realize this abnormal condition in you, you should learn to lower your blood pressure yourself. Yes, in the initial phase of high blood pressure, you can cure the problem without the medications.

First of, quit smoking. Cigarette cessation not only helps in lowering blood pressure, it also prevents some of the deadly diseases such as lung cancer and heart stroke to take its root in you.

Secondly, monitor your body mass index if you are overweight. Being overweight you are very much vulnerable to high blood pressure. The most basic step in this regard is to cut down upon junk foods like chocolate, chips and cookies.

Next, you should reduce the amount of sodium intake in your diet. To live on the safer lines, every person should reduce the excess salt intake in his diet. Whenever you consume foods like pickles, sauces, olives you are adding extra amount of salt in your diet. So, always keep a strict check on the amount of sodium intake.

Eat vegetarian food. You should indeed reduce the amount of meat consumption. And take lots and lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.

Shun drinking habit. Alcohol can seriously elevate your blood pressure to abnormal heights. So, you seriously need to cut down on that if you want to get rid of high blood pressure.


Exercise regularly. Aerobics, walking, jogging or yoga- adopt any as per your comfort level. For, this is the best thing to get rid of not only high blood pressure, but any kind of disease.

Following the above mentioned lifestyle changes you will naturally reduce your high blood pressure. Try this before testing your blood pressure again at your doctor's clinic. And you will know it for yourself.