High Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Blood pressure medicines can be taken to lower pressure when it is extremely high but regular intake of medicines can pose serious threat to your body. For this reason, it is better to lower blood pressure naturally. Natural treatment of blood pressure includes use of certain herbs, fruits, vegetables and change of lifestyle, instead of the chemically-formulated pills. The OTC medicines act adversely with your body mechanism and impact the immune system. Whereas, an approach based on natural products can reduce the blood pressure by incorporating lifestyle and dietary changes.

Start drinking plenty of water, this helps excrete the excess salt from the blood through urination. Salt in blood is responsible for increasing the blood pressure. Try to do some physical workouts like walking or jogging in the morning for at least for half an hour. Starting a regular exercise regimen is imperative to keep blood pressure readings in check. If you can exercise with light weights, the gains are lean muscle mass and increase aerobic output. The workouts will make you sweat, get rid of excess sodium, and burn fat at the same time. Limit your alcohol intake and try to avoid regular consumption. Alcohol increases the storage of fat on the liver and this affects the pressure levels. Try to inculcate the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Use fruit juices and shakes as snack supplements. If you take adequate but not excessive amount of fats, it’s good for your metabolism. But, avoid taking dairy fats regularly.

Limit your salt intake. Try to eat the salads and other items without salt. Use the minimum possible amount of salt it in food. This is surest way to reduce sodium intake. In order to lower blood pressure naturally, stress has to be avoided. Any undue stress causes anxiety and blood pressure to build up.