High Blood Pressure

Natural Ways To Lower Systolic Pressure

Usually in high blood pressure this systolic pressure measurements exceed normal readings. The systolic pressure normally lies between 110-130 for people who are below 50 years of age and for those who have crossed 50 and have a slightly high systolic pressure, around 140 mm Hg is considered normal. One substitute to the expensive and side-effect causing drugs and medications is lowering systolic pressure naturally. The natural supplements can be found at home and you don't have to take advice from any alternative medicine practitioner. The process of lowering systolic pressure naturally begins with dietary changes.

Some of the simplest foods that help to lower your blood pressure in a natural way are:

This delicious fruit can be very helpful in two ways. The flesh of the fruit helps in regulating the heat and metabolism of the body. Maintaining a normal body temperature is crucial to controlling blood pressure. The seeds can be dried and roasted to be eaten. The seeds contain the elements that dilute the blood vessels and reduce chances of arthrosclerosis.

Grapes contain some of the very important minerals and vitamins that help in regulating your blood pressure levels. Take a glass of it everyday morning for one month. This can make a sizeable difference to sodium retention and checking blood pressure readings.

Apple juice
The apple juice provides some essential minerals to the body that act against the blood thickening tendency and checks the gradual rise in blood pressure. You can have it any time of the day but it is best taken without any sodium-containing snack.

Raw vegetables
These can be eaten in the form of juices or salads. Carrots, legumes, tomato, spinach, and broccoli can be consumed as salads. You can also prepare juices of carrot or spinach to drink. They control the sodium intake and retention and provide essential vitamins and mineral which help maintain a regulated flow of blood.