High Blood Pressure

Management of Irregularities in Blood Pressure

Although it is not considered to be amongst the most hazardous of diseases plaguing mankind today, erratic blood pressure has turned out to be a critical concern. A certain profile of people is susceptible and  falling prey to it worldwide. There is an urgent need to identify the reasons behind irregularity in blood pressure. Apart from correct diagnosis, effective medication is also required.  Huge variety of medicines, tailored to meet individual demands is available. A few things need to be kept in mind before taking any medication. It is important to know about the drugs, their side-effects and allergic reactions. Special caution has to be practiced when finding out which medicines can cause allergy. It is advisable to start or discontinue the use of these medicines only under medical supervision.

The nature of drugs given for high blood pressure and low blood pressure are different. For high blood pressure there are nine distinct, identifiable groups of medicines. The group includes Diuretics which are used in combination with other drugs and are specifically meant to flush out excess water from the system. Other forms include Beta Blockers which ease the heart’s pumping action by blocking beta-receptors. Calcium Channel Blockers restrict the entry of excessive calcium in the muscles of the heart and Nervous System Inhibitors widen the blood vessels by reducing nerve pressure on the blood vessels.

Doctors prescribe medicines for curing low blood pressure only in acute cases. Usually low blood pressure can be checked with remedies like exercise, intake of raw salt and strong coffee. Medicines include Effexor, which is primarily an anti-depressant, but helps in raising blood pressure. Fludrocortisone is another drug which decreases the amount of sodium which is excreted in the urine.   It must always be remembered that the above state drugs have side-effects. These medications should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor or physician, who can decide on adequate dosage, depending on individual profile and requirements.

Despite many a number of drugs being in circulation in the market, many people are turning towards alternate ways to stabilize blood pressure. A number of cures are found in herbs, oils and plant extracts. For example many are switching to sunflower oil in order to check low blood pressure and a large number of patients are choosing whole-grains over other grains to curb rising blood pressure.  

Although one can fall back on medicines, it is very important to understand the graveness of the situation and take steps to prevent the irregularities in blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure can increase health risks. Also once blood pressure problems start to take place, it takes a good amount of discipline and control to remove or reduce the problem to manageable proportions. Prevention is better than cure, is the key phrase.