High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedies For Lowering Systolic Pressure

The systolic pressure normally lies between 110-130 for people who are below 50 years of age and for those who have crossed 50 and have a slightly high systolic pressure, around 140 mm Hg is considered normal. One substitute to the expensive and side-effect causing drugs and medications is lowering systolic pressure naturally. The natural supplements can be found at home and you don't have to take advice from any alternative medicine practitioner. The process of lowering systolic pressure naturally begins with dietary changes.

Well there are many natural remedies to lower systolic pressure and they can be categorized as
Food remedies and herbal remedies.

Food as natural remedy to lower systolic pressure
There are certain foods that you can take as remedies for blood pressure whereas some foods have to be avoided. The foods that help in reducing hypertension are - garlic, lemon, gooseberry, apple juice, avocado, apricots, pears, and beets. Daily salads can be enriched with carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet potato, raisins, watermelon, grapes, and watermelon. All these food items have ingredients that help you to regulate the blood pressure to a desirable extent. This diet should be combined with physical workouts.

Herbal natural remedies for high blood pressure
Among the natural herbs, Rauwolfia can be used. Its alkaloids are extracted and used to prepare medicines and other products. You can get them in the herbal stores and use them under the advice of a herbal doctor. The alkaloids have a direct impact on the hypertension and can reduce the systolic readings within a few days. Another important herb is parsley. This can be taken in the mode of beverages. You have to simmer some around 30 to 40 gm of parsley leaves in 500 ml of water for 10 minutes to prepare a parsley-rich drink.

The above diet components have to be combined with a regular physical workout. The changes in eating habits are only half of the natural process to cure high blood pressure. Food and herbal cures are natural remedies to lower systolic pressure, but they can’t cure it completely. Regular workouts make sure that fatty acid levels and lipids which cause thickening of the arteries, are kept under check.