High Blood Pressure

Supplements for Lowering Blood Pressure

The way you eat and lead your lifestyle decides your blood pressure readings. Every year, the Journal of Medicines publishes their blood pressure guidelines, where they mention all the possible ways of reducing blood pressure. They also tell you about the supplements for lowering blood pressure. These supplements are categorized as medicinal supplements, food supplements, and lifestyle supplements.

Medicinal supplements
This is to aid your regular medical drug intake. For example in diuretics, the normal medication may not be working properly. Thus, to control the bold pressure they may give alpha blockers or ACE inhibitors. Sometimes, a combination of two or three medicines with a supplement is given to see the results.

Food supplements for lowering blood pressure
The healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, whole wheat grain products and fishes have to be combined with natural supplements like lemon, garlic, gooseberry and some herbs. A person can consume meat and other dairy products but salt intake should be reduced.

Lifestyle changes
Lifestyle beverages like coffee and fruit beers can be replaced with health drinks like juices that regulate the hormones and provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Smoking should be reduced and if possible, totally stopped. Excessive intake of tea or any stimulant should be limited. Natural and herbal supplements for lowering blood pressure have to be combined with daily exercise and light workouts.