High Blood Pressure

Will Aspirin Lower Blood Pressure?

Medications are best taken when prescribed by a physician to counteract high blood pressure. Many people make the mistake of taking OTC, self-prescribed medications and based on mere blood pressure readings. One such commonly-abused medicine is aspirin. However, very few people know that the question as to will aspiring lower blood pressure still has no accurate or absolute answers. It is a question of some conflicting reviews,

Some common medicines and their advantages over aspirin have been described to provide a clear view on the limitation of aspirin in treating high blood pressure.

Diuretics versus aspirin
Diuretics are meant to remove the common salt and water from the body which are responsible for the increase of blood volume in the body. There are no medicinal properties in aspirin to remove excess water or sodium.

Beta-blockers versus aspirin
These medicines help in slowing the heart beat so that the blood pressure or blood force exerted from heart on the vessels is reduced but aspirin cannot do this.

Similarly, there are ACE, alpha blockers, and calcium blockers which have specific purposes in reducing blood pressure. All the above-mentioned medicines are prescribed with a cause. So, the answer to the question that will aspirin lower blood pressure is a “no”. But, it may be prescribed to dilute the blood or make it thin as a substitute to expensive medications in some cases. In such few cases it may act indirectly to slightly cause the blood pressure to dip.