High Blood Pressure- Timely Handling Is Important

High blood pressure is also known as a silent killer. It continues to develop for a very long time without making its presence felt. Its symptoms are similar to that of obesity, wrong diet, heredity or stress. One can mistake it for the other. To avoid wrong inferences, you need to go for a detailed check-up. It is only a doctor's thorough check-up that can tell you whether you have high blood pressure or not.

Sometimes, high blood pressure exhibits no symptoms or signs at all. This is a more dangerous condition. It goes completely unnoticed and slowly results into serious complications of heart and other parts of the body.

Arteries control the flow of blood in our body. In case of high blood pressure, the arteries experience excessive exertion due to increased flow of blood through them. If they become stiff, your heart starts to exert more pressure to maintain the normal flow of blood to all the organs of the body. This further leads to excessive thumping of the heart which may later lead to various heart related problems.

The effects of high blood pressure on our body can be easily noticed. In case of high blood pressure the workload on the heart is increased. The heart needs to pump more blood and therefore it increases in size. But the more is the size of the heart, the less would it be able to control blood flow. Due to it, the patient starts to feel fatigued and weak.

Gradually, high blood pressure also damages your kidneys. As your arteries are unable to supply blood properly to your kidneys, it may lead to hardening of the arteries and damaging of the kidneys. The narrowing of the size of your arteries might lead to heart attack or even eye damage. If you have diabetes along with high blood pressure then it may cause retinopathy.

Hence, high blood pressure is not only a problem in itself but it is a condition that could lead to various other related complications. So, watch out for it before it gets too serious!