What is Labile Hypertension- An Overview

Labile hypertension is a subcategory of hypertension (high blood pressure). It is characterised by abrupt and repeated fluctuations in blood pressure levels. At times this fluctuation can range from 119/76 mm Hg in the morning to 170/104 mm Hg in the afternoon.

Is the Threat Real?

The threat posed by labile hypertension is real. Though unlike others individuals suffering from labile hypertension never show symptoms of suffering from it, the fact still remains that they continue to silently suffer from it. Even otherwise the surge in blood pressure seems to be insignificant (as it is gradual) but in reality it is dangerous.

People who get regularly affected by labile hypertension (from different types of causes) can experience the same type of damages suffered by those with resident hypertension (hypertension as a part of their life).

Causes of Labile Hypertension

There are different causes of labile hypertension. These include factors such as anxiety attacks, too much consumption of caffeine, salt sensitivity, or stress overload. The causes might be different but the health implication of labile hypertension is the same in all cases- it poses a serious threat to the life of the individual. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to treat this condition.

How to Treat Labile Hypertension

Treatment of labile hypertension would base upon the fluctuation in blood pressure and pulse readings. Hence, to begin with, it is imperative that a 24 hour report of blood pressure variation is prepared. A portable blood pressure monitor could be used for this purpose. Once the readings are recorded at different moments in the day, it becomes easy to find out the way to formulate a treatment method.

Medications is one of the ways of treating labile hypertension. However, the usual medicines available in the market for treating blood pressure would fail to give the desired results. Those who suffer from labile hypertension can check out the effectiveness of anti-anxiety medications though. If they do not work then stress-relieving medications may be tried.

Prevention is the Best Cure

It seems that prevention is the best way to treat labile hypertension. Individuals first need to figure the exact reason for the occurrence of labile hypertension in them and need to individually address the cause of labile hypertension. Some measures which could be adopted are as follows:

* Managing stress and different stress-inducing agents
* Reducing fat intake
* Reducing salt intake
* Losing weight
* Quitting smoking
* Getting regular exercise
* Reducing alcohol consumption

Labile Hypertension-Some Myths

If you think that exercising would result in labile hypertension and thus you need not do it, then you are wrong. The fact is that exercising is not related to labile hypertension in anyway. On the contrary, it can help you get rid of the stress which you so otherwise suffer from.