Top 10 myths about high blood pressure

Despite high blood pressure being a common health problem, there are only a select few who know the truth about it. Below we take a look at some common myths concerning high BP.
High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common health problems in the present day scenario. But, there are only a select few who know the truth about it. Below we take a look at some common myths concerning high BP.

MYTH: High blood pressure is accompanied with symptoms like difficulty in sleeping, nervousness and anxiety.
TRUTH: Hypertension or high blood pressure does not have any symptoms. The only way to ascertain whether you have high blood pressure or not is to get your blood pressure checked.

MYTH: Blood pressure elevates when at the doctor’s clinic due to nervousness. Otherwise, the blood pressure levels are normal.
TRUTH: There are several factors including nervousness that can affect your blood pressure. But, this does not mean that you do not deal with the problem at all.

MYTH: High cholesterol leads to high blood pressure.
TRUTH: High cholesterol in no way causes high blood pressure. But, there are certain lifestyle habits that can cause an increase in cholesterol as well as blood pressure.

MYTH: Hypertension is a normal condition as almost everyone deals with it.
TRUTH: These days, a lot of people deal with the problem of high blood pressure owing to stressful life. But, this does not mean that hypertension is a normal condition and a way of life. It is a risky condition and can lead to complications like heart strokes.

MYTH: It is okay to cut back or quit your high BP medications once your BP is in control.
TRUTH: High BP is a permanent complication. So, even if your blood pressure levels are in control, it does not mean that the problem is cured. So, make sure that you continue taking your medication.

MYTH: Hypertension is only caused in men.
TRUTH: Though high BP is more common in men, women aren’t spared of it either. In fact, if you are on a pill, dealing with menopause or belong to African-American genre, you could be at a higher risk.

MYTH: It is okay to take any OTC medications for cold or flu when you are dealing with high BP.
TRUTH: There are some OTC drugs that can interfere with your BP lowering medications and can increase the blood pressure further.

MYTH: It is not important to have your blood pressure checked before you reach middle age.
TRUTH: The problem of BP can attack anyone irrespective of the age. Even kids aged 6 years deal with the problem. So, it would be wise to get your BP checked from an early age.

MYTH: High blood pressure can’t be prevented if it is in your genes.
TRUTH: Even if your family has a history of blood pressure, the problem can be prevented. Get regular exercise, eat right and reduce salt intake and you will be able to avoid the problem.

MYTH: There is nothing to worry if either systolic or diastolic blood pressure levels are normal.
TRUTH: Both, systolic and diastolic blood pressure need to be normal if you wish to stay healthy and fit.

Get rid of these myths if you wish to tackle the problem in a better manner.