Low BP

Cure For Low Blood Pressure

Hypotension is a fall in your blood pressure below the normal range. Normal range varies from person to person. Hypotension makes your heart weak. Lethargy, weakness, dizziness, fatigue and fainting are its common symptoms.

Faulty nutrition and malnutrition are two most important causes of low blood pressure. Malnutrition arises because of the lack of enough calories, proteins, vitamins B and vitamin C. Some other cause of low blood pressure may include- loss of blood and emotional instability.

Low blood pressure can be treated in various ways. Here are some ways to achieve hypotension cure:

By drinking the juice of beetroot you can control your low blood pressure. For better results, patients are recommend to drink a cup of this juice, twice daily. Considerable improvement is guaranteed.

Indian Spikenard:
Indian spikenard is also a very effective home remedy for the treatment of low blood pressure. It is usually taken in doses of thirty to forty grains. Always take a pinch of a little camphor and cinnamon with this herb. Don't miss out on it. You can also prepare the concoction by steeping 15 to 20 gm of the herb in 250 ml of boiling water. Once it is prepared take it thrice a day.

Epsom Salts Bath:
It is know as the one of the simplest remedy for treating low blood pressure. It is prepared in the ordinary bath of hot water by dissolving almost one and half kg of commercial Epsom Salt. The patients are advised to remain dipped in the bath for ten to twenty minutes. For best results, it is strongly recommended to be taken just before retiring to bed. And remember, there is a possibility of catching cold so, take care of it.

As low blood pressure is caused by malnutrition, intake of enough protein, vitamins B group and vitamin C goes a long way in treating the low blood pressure. Particularly, pantothenic acid has been found very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of low blood pressure. So, sufficient intake of all these vitamins helps in raising the blood pressure for sure.

The use of salt is valuable in low blood pressure. Until the blood pressure reaches normal levels through proper dietary and other remedies, it is essential that the patient should take salty foods and half a teaspoon of salt in water, daily.

Fruit diet for low blood pressure:
Fruit diet should be a part of the treatment regimen for low blood pressure. Because the goal of the treatment is to rejuvenate the whole system. Take fruits as much as you can. They will help you raise your blood pressure.

Other hypotension treatments involve:
1) Light walking, cycling, swimming and breathing exercises: Do light walking and other light exercises. Swimming and cycling will go a long way in treating low blood pressure. If possible, spend some time in fresh air.

2) Warm-water enema treatment: Make it a point to use warm-water enema on a regular basis to keep your bowels clean during the first few days of the treatment. You can also use it afterwards, if required.

All these are the hypotension cures that you can undertake. In addition to all these, there are also some medicines that you can take for the treatment of the low blood pressure.