Low BP

Know About Low Blood Pressure Readings

Blood pressure is the force that the blood exerts on arterial walls when the heart is pumping blood. Blood pressure is basically of two types, systolic and diastolic.

When the heart beats, the pressure on the walls of the blood vessels is the maximum. This pressure is called the systolic pressure, and it is normally between 100 to130mm Hg. Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure when the heart rests between each  gap of its beating. The normal range of diastolic blood pressure is between 70 to 90 mm of Hg. A normal blood pressure is indicated by a reading of 120/90 mm of Hg. A reading below this indicates low blood pressure.

High blood pressure or a reading above 120/90mm of hg is considered a serious condition. Most of us associate high blood pressure as a serious blood pressure problem. We do not realize that severely low blood pressure may also cause serious complications in the body. 

People who exercise, do not smoke or drink alcohol tend to have low blood pressure in a comparative sense. This condition is not unhealthy. On the other hand, it is a desirable situation. It is severely low blood pressure that is a major health risk.

What happens when you have severely low blood pressure? The first thing is that the blood force is not enough to reach all parts of the body and the first organ to become sensitized to the situation is the brain. Low blood pressure or hypotension may result in dizzy spells or fainting.

If you are diagnosed with low blood pressure, you may feel weak or exhausted. If blood is not able to circulate through the body properly, then the cells will not receive a sufficient supply of oxygen. As a result, you will be deprived of energy. Hypotension may also result in the accumulation of waste products in the blood stream, thereby worsening the situation.

It is therefore very essential for you to maintain normal blood pressure levels. To avoid low pressure, your diet should be balanced and nutritious. You should drink plenty of fluids and exercise regularly. Remember that a healthy cardiovascular system can ensure a long and healthy life.