Low BP

Natural Remedies To Lower Systolic Pressure

Systolic pressure the first force of blood from heart, and its always forceful and the diastolic is the slower push of blood by the heart. Higher systolic reading indicates high blood pressure, and predicts some hazards like heart attack or stroke. The name high blood pressure is enough to run down a shiver through the spine of a person.

High blood pressure often comes with age, when slowly the blood vessels become weak and the arteries become narrow. Blood requires more force to circulate and the heart needs to work more for pushing the blood into the arteries. So, don't smile with the reason that you are young and won't be a victim of it. What's your lifestyle? Yes, you eat cholesterol rich food, perform no workouts and smoke or drink more. These would increase the vulnerability of high BP in you more than an old man.

Its very essential to reduce the systolic pressure if its found high in you. OTC drugs prescribed by the doctors will be helpful in reducing the high pressure. But, those are not only the remedies to lower blood pressure. You can try some natural remedies to lower systolic pressure. The natural remedies are very simple and they are available handy at your home itself. The natural supplements taken for reducing the systolic pressure acts with the body metabolism and do the same task that the high BP medicines do.

Here are some natural remedies to lower systolic pressure.

1. Garlic, the first and foremost home remedy for lowering the systolic pressure. The natural ingredient makes the blood thinner for swift flow and also hardens the arteries. Take two three nodes of garlic in the morning everyday for at least two months. You can also increase the amount of garlic intake in combination of foods adding a little more than normal requirement.

2. Lemon water is also an effective drink to abate systolic blood pressure. Don't mix anything in the mixture of lemon and water. Just squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water, and drink it.

For more information on natural remedies to lower systolic pressure you can seek advice from your parents, friends, or experienced people who dealt well with high blood pressure at home itself.