BP Basics

Beans are your best bet to lower blood pressure ?

The prolonged use of the medicines prescribed by your doctors for lowering your blood pressure will surely cause harm to your body and there will be a lot of side effects of blood pressure medicines. Hence, by the time you take blood pressure medicines along side, you can try some changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits to control and keep your blood pressure under control.

The best diet referred by your doctor contains fruits and vegetables, so avoid fat rich foods and less amount of high rich protein diet like meat and fish. Among the vegetable supplements, beans are crucial in blood pressure management and you can lower blood pressure with beans to a reasonable degree.

Beans often termed as legumes come in a variety of species like - soybeans, chick peas, navy beans, split peas, kidney beans, lentils etc., and all of them are beneficial to control blood pressure. Let us see how you can lower your blood pressure with beans.

Beans have the following benefits and they provide with tremendous help to body metabolism for regulating high blood pressure. First, the beans have the natural tendency to remove the excess of sodium from your body. Lowering sodium is the first step of reducing blood pressure.

Secondly, beans are rich source of calcium. Recent German studies have found that the antioxidants, vitamin D and calcium help in lowering blood pressure in your body, so, calcium along with vitamin D is strongly recommended which helps to absorb calcium by your body.

Third, the beans are also a rich source of potassium. As you might have been advised by the doctor to reduce the amount of sodium and increase the amount of potassium in your food, go ahead accordingly. Potassium helps to maintain the level of blood pressure normal in your body.

Thus, for more effective results in BP management, you can increase the intake of beans in your daily diet.