BP Basics

Biofeedback Helps Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has always been looked upon as a serious health impediment. However, modern science has helped combat the condition effectively with therapies such as biofeedback.

What is bio feedback and how exactly does it work?
Biofeedback is a revolutionary new technique that trains individuals to lead more healthy life by controlling certain body functions which occur naturally and involuntarily in the body. These include heart rate, muscle tension, skin temperature and of course, blood pressure.

The biofeedback machines are far more powerful than a thermometer or a weighing scale. They function in quite the same way and can provide more accurate and precise readings of a person's body functions. What it does for the patient is that it simply works as a sort of sixth sense. Thus the person understands when something's wrong with their bodies and take steps to prevent it from getting worse or get it treated.

The activities are monitored with the help of electrodes and displayed on the monitor to be viewed by both- the patient and the health care provider with information on the internal workings of the individual's body. The patient is then taught to understand these readings to manage any involuntary internal activities. The biofeedback therapist also helps patients understand the limitations of the machine, the expectations to have and also how to improve the performance. After proper training, the patient can look forward to understanding his own body functions better thus being better equipped to deal with any change in normal functioning.

While biofeedback can be used for treatment of a variety of conditions, it is primarily being used to treat high blood pressure, tension headache, urinary incontinence and chronic pain.

Biofeedback and blood pressure
Biofeedback is particularly effective with blood pressure conditions and other stress related ailments. With the Biofeedback machinery, one first monitors the pulse rate as well as checks BP and body temperature. All these readings combined together help regulate the blood pressure. Biofeedback works well as a complementary therapy and is also a good alternative to taking medications. What's more, it boosts the patients' ability to manage his/her own systems and subsequently learning to channel thoughts accordingly, to do so.

However, on the downside, many people simply don't want to take the time to learn the technique even though it could mean a very positive change in the overall health scenario. Also, many doctors don't prescribe the technique with very few insurance companies covering the therapy.

Biofeedback bottom line

One of the primary triggers for high blood pressure is stress. Simply thinking about something stressful can raise the blood pressure considerably. Here again, biofeedback comes to your rescue as relaxation techniques are a part of the therapy and help do away with much of stress like conditions. So if it's a healthy, natural and non pill popping life being strived for, biofeedback may just be the best bet.