BP Basics

Compact and Hassle Free Way To Lower Blood Pressure

In this day and age of machines and technology which are expanding their influence in almost all spheres of our life including medical science, to test various ailments, the most modern technologies are available. There are certain devices that come compact in size and could be very easily used at home.

A milestone has been achieved in the field of medical science with the invention of the device to lower blood pressure. It has been found that food and medication alone cannot deal with blood pressure effectively and hence this device acts as an accomplice for controlling your blood pressure. There are lots of gadgets in the market that can be effectively used for lowering your hypertension. With the invention of this machine, the treatment of blood pressure, one of the leading causative agents of deaths in US, has come within one’s reach.

This device to lower blood pressure called- RESPeRATE is available without prescription and hassle free since the device is FDA approved and has no side effects. This device uses the patent technology for guiding your therapeutic breathing exercises which have been medically proven to lower blood pressure. The complete pack of the machine comes with the following-
* Computerized unit & breathing sensor
* Dual user memory to help two people track their progress separately at a time
* Headphones
* User Manual
* 4 AA batteries
Now the question arises how the device RESPeRATE functions for reducing blood pressure ?

The device basically guides the breathing exercise you perform to lower the blood pressure. It keeps track of your breathing rate and displays data of your progress of your exercise and helps you to effortlessly slow down your breathing rate to less than ten breathes per minute along with prolonged exhalation. Now you can use this device for more effective control of blood pressure.