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Hot Tub Therapy: Can Water Therapy Help You Lower Blood Pressure?

Of all the natural therapies, the one that has caught the attention of the many is the hot tub therapy. It is popularly known as the hydrotherapy and is believed to be one of the most impeccable ways to improve general health of people.

Apart from treating some common ailments like back pains and joint pains, hypertension or high blood pressure is also known to get cured with the use of hot tubs. Generally, the therapy involving hot tub is used as an assistant treatment to the regular medications that a person suffering from high blood pressure is indulging in.

But the patient is always advised to consult their doctor before trying this therapy to lower their blood pressure. This is because, the therapy initially increases the body’ blood pressure due to increased temperature of the body. Therefore people with high blood pressure should first consult their doctors before using this kind of water therapy.

However, hot water has a very positive effect on your body as it dilates the blood vessels. As the blood vessels dilate, the heart does not have to work hard in pumping blood in the vessels. The lowered activity in the heart provides an over-all relief to the high blood pressure patient. But for some patients such kind of relaxation is not optimal.

The reason because of which the blood vessels dilate when brought in contact with hot water is very simple. When your body comes in touch with hot water, there is reflex that goes to your brain with information that your body temperature has risen from the normal levels. Thus the vessels near the skin, which are in direct touch with the water relaxes and dissipates all heat outside the body. Thus all these developments in the body dilate the vessels. This process in medical terms is known as Vasodilation. In vasodilation more oxygen is transported to all body parts. Oxygen is a very important element for your body as it hastens the process of healing.

Apart from this, the process of vasodilation has another important advantage for the body. It helps the blood in clearing itself from all the waste accumulated in it. With the day in progress, the food you eat and the physical activities that you perform, a lot of waste and harmful chemical substances get deposited in the body. With hot tub treatment and the process of vasodilation, the blood reaches fast to the body parts and thus removes the waste products. This could again help lower your blood pressure.

So talk to your doctor now and find out if hot tubs can help you decrease your blood pressure.