BP Basics

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is called a silent killer because the impact of this malady is hardly noticeable in the initial stages. But, once diagnosed every possible step must be taken to lower blood pressure. The approach to lower blood pressure is a combination of:

Dietary changes
Some of the commonly available foods which can be integrated into a diet plan include the following:-
Vegetables - They contain no cholesterol, but are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Try to take them as salads and juices instead of frying them or roasting them. The high fiber content of the vegetables helps in proper digestion and decrease of fat content from your body. This will reduce the deposition of cholesterol in your arteries. Hence, the flow of blood in the arteries becomes easier as it has to surpass fewer adipose cells. These are the cells that form the adipose or the fatty tissues in the body.

Fruits - They are easy available and just like vegetables are high in fiber and natural vitamins. But fruits are found to be richer in trace minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium. These trace elements and the natural phytochemicals in the fruits makes them an ideal supplement to fight high blood pressure.

Cholesterol-free foods - Food from restaurants and fast food outlets has to be avoided. When eating flesh, try to stick to fish, especially freshwater, undressed chicken, and lean meat. Intake of butter, cheese, and other dairy products has to be limited to the bare minimum.

Sodium-free foods - Foods that lower blood pressure have to be low in sodium content. Some sea foods that have high amounts of salt should be avoided. Try and user lesser salt in the food you prepare.

Lifestyle changes
Lifestyle beverages like coffee and fruit beers can be replaced with health drinks like juices that regulate the hormones and provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Smoking should be reduced and if possible, totally stopped. Excessive intake of tea or any stimulant should be limited. Natural and herbal supplements for lowering blood pressure have to be combined with daily exercise and light workouts.

Herbal and natural remedies for lowering blood pressure
Among the natural herbs, Rauwolfia can be used. Its alkaloids are extracted and used to prepare medicines and other products. You can get them in the herbal stores and use them under the advice of a herbal doctor. The alkaloids have a direct impact on the hypertension and can reduce the systolic readings within a few days. Another important herb is parsley.