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How to Relax and Lower Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

High stress could be a cause of high blood pressure in your life. If you learn to stay calm and relax in stressful situations, you can control your hypertension in a major way. It works faster than prescribed medications for BP. And when adopted along prescription medicines, results are better than expectation.

But in this high paced life it seems more than a task to stay relaxed. However it is not impossible to achieve. All you need to do is learn to relax and keep your self stress free so that your blood pressure does not shoot up all at once, putting you at a risk of heart attack.

Let's find out below how can you relax and lower high blood pressure?

Avoid stressful situations
This does not mean that you have to run away from the Live situations. Rather, you need to learn to process your mind's angry reaction to stressful situations into a positive and constructive direction. You need to calm down when you meet the stressors and react after a while.

This would require you to divert your mind's attention from stressful situation or person and take certain positive steps to the problem.

Also, when you know you are going to face an impending stressful situation you need to be on your guard in advance. If you know you are in a situation where you simply cannot avoid stress, you need to stop your mind from reacting to the situation.

It requires a lot of self-will, self-control, and long hours of training to condition your mind not to become tense and react to an event that brings on stress in you. Your health condition demands that you keep your mind in a relaxed frame of mind whatever the aggravation you may face from other people or incidents. By keeping part of your mind always in an objective state, it can help you avoid subjective conflicts.

Once you know why you are doing this proactively keeping your mind relaxed will become easier for you. Once you learn gradually to control your mind's reactions to events or people or to aggravating situations, your blood pressure will also remain in control.

Yoga and meditation
Both these are low intensity exercises for both your mind and body. Especially, you will find that Pranayama (breathing exercises) is good for your hypertension.

Slow and deep breathing exercises
When you breathe slower than normal, there are two effects on you, one on your body and the other on your mind. The effect on your body is that it relaxes because more oxygen is inhaled and accordingly more of it reaches your tissues and muscles. The effect on your heart rate is also stabilizing because of this.

The effect on your mind is very much palpable. Your mind straightaway becomes aware of the slow and deep breathing and therefore your thoughts no longer dwell on stressful thoughts. The slow and deep breathing is able to relax your mind.

This also contributes in its own way towards keeping your blood pressure in control. Since your mind is diverted away from stressful thoughts, the effect on your blood pressure is almost as if magical.

Listen soft and lilting music
The best way to do that is to attach an ear phone to your walkman and go out for a stroll in the park away from the madding crowd. Another technique that helps reduce hypertension is to have a good undisturbed night's sleep and a balanced diet eaten unhurriedly.