BP Basics

Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

Controlling blood pressure has become easy with the in-depth research that has been made into the factors that cause high blood pressure. Some very effective ways to lower high blood pressure have been introduced in the last decade. This approach includes medications combined with a number lifestyle and dietary changes. Some of these methods have been briefly described below.

Dietary changes
There are certain foods that you can take as remedies for blood pressure whereas some foods have to be avoided. The foods that helps in reducing hypertension are - garlic, lemon, gooseberry, apple juice, avocado, apricots, pears, and beets.

Daily salads can be enriched with carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet potato, raisins, watermelon, grapes, and watermelon. All these food items have ingredients that help you to regulate the blood pressure to a desirable extent. This diet should be combined with physical workouts.

Always use prescribed medicines only. Medications are a combination of over-the-counter medications and some stronger drugs that should be purchased with a physician’s prescription only. These medications are sometimes used in combination with certain medical supplements like alpha blockers or ACE inhibitors.

Lifestyle changes
Lifestyle beverages like coffee and fruit beers can be replaced with health drinks like juices that regulate the hormones and provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Smoking should be reduced and if possible, totally stopped. Excessive intake of tea or any stimulant should be limited. Natural and herbal supplements for lowering blood pressure should be combined with daily exercise and light workouts.

The above dietary and lifestyle components have to be combined with a regular physical workout. The changes in eating habits are only half of the natural process to cure high blood pressure. Food and herbal cures are natural remedies to lower systolic pressure, but they can’t cure it completely. Regular workouts make sure that fatty acid levels and lipids, which cause thickening of the arteries, is kept under check. Exercising helps to increase the lean muscle mass which acts as tool to control weight while the sweating helps get rid of excess sodium.

Stress-free life
Try to avoid stress as it acts as the precursor to a number or physical and mental problems. The early symptoms are high blood pressure, excessive sweating and difficulty in sleeping.