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Lower Your Blood Pressure with Xanax

Xanax is a benzodiazepine drug considered to be a potent medication to lower blood pressure. It is also otherwise known as alprazolam. It is commonly prescribed for those suffering from anxiety-related high blood pressure. Also, it has been observed that it can help reduce diastolic blood pressure.

Does It Work For Non-anxiety Related High Blood Pressure?
Individuals who suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) from causes other than anxiety would not derive any benefit out of this medicine. As a matter of fact, they need to stay away from it as it can be a sedative and might not have a desired impact upon blood pressure. For those suffering from non-anxiety related blood pressure, any medication other than Xanax would do. They would do more to control blood pressure than Xanax.

Can Xanax Relieve From Erectile Dysfunction?
Many a times, performance-related anxieties cause erectile dysfunction in men. As a result, men might try to find a way out of this anxious situation. Most of them follow a simple logic- erectile dysfunction is caused by high blood pressure, so take blood pressure lowering medicine. This has led many men to opt for blood pressure lowering medicines like Xanax.

However, the truth is that Xanax does not help treat erectile dysfunction in any way. On the contrary, it has been seen that it (along with other drugs of the benzodiazepine category) cause erectile dysfunction.

Can Xanax Cause Blood Pressure Rebound?
Blood pressure rebound is the rising of blood pressure to levels above those observed before a blood pressure lowering drug was taken. Some users had asked whether Xanax exhibited a tendency like this or otherwise.

The answer to the above question depends upon the frequency at which the drug was taken. Usually, after every dose of Xanax, blood pressure undertakes the following cycle:

a) Blood pressure returns to normal levels and remains there for about 30 minutes.
b) After Xanax kicks in (which usually happens after 30 minutes), blood pressure may show a slight increase.
c) After a 10 minute hiatus, the blood pressure falls slightly below the normal level and remains there for a duration of 3 hours (which is usually the period in which the strength of Xanax is the maximum).
d) The blood pressure slowly returns to normal once the effects of the medication have subsided.

The conclusion which can be drawn from the above observations is that if Xanax is taken occasionally then no rebound effects would be seen. However, rebound effects would appear if the body becomes habitual of Xanax.