Best Time to Check Blood Pressure

An accurate blood pressure measurement is the most fundamental prerequisite for the correct diagnosis of a patient suffering from hypertension or any kind of cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure in human body keeps on changing constantly. It depends on a variety of factors such as dietary habits, amount of stress, injury, past medical history, hereditary trends, and alike.
The best time to measure blood pressure is determined by a lot of factors. Do not take products containing caffeine, nicotine or alcohol at least 30 minutes before measuring the blood pressure. The best hour of the day is afternoon, when room temperature in any climate is moderate. Before measuring the blood pressure, the patient should go to the bathroom. Immediately, at least 5 minutes before the patient should relax and feel fully comfortable. If possible, any conversation at the time of measurement should be avoided.

Noting the time of taking the blood pressure count is important. This would help keep a track of the time since the BP count was last measured. Also, the medication given and its effect in a count in the next session can be thus assessed. The hour of the day in which the count was taken should be maintained while taking the measurement, the next time.

Sometimes, in very serious cases such as an accident or a long term serious illness, a patient's blood pressure is measured every day. Many a times, the count may be taken many times in a single day. If that is the case then more caution has to be exercised about the time of measurement. If the count is taken before the meal times, it should be maintained for all the days. It should also be made sure that the patient is relaxed and in a stable condition, when the count is taken.

In minute examination of critical patients, maintaining a proper schedule of the blood pressure count is very important. This way, even the minutest change in the patient's condition can be tracked at the earliest.