Suffering from High Blood Pressure? Take Blood Pressure Measurements

Blood pressure is not only limited to the older people. It can very well occur among teenagers and the middle aged people. You should know here that blood pressure is a problem for which there is no perfect cure. Proper and timely monitoring as well as lifestyle changes are the only ways to eliminate the problem. But, many people are clueless about when should they take their blood pressure measurements. The answer to this question depends on two factors-

- The type of high blood pressure medication that the person is receiving.
- The results that the treatment will provide.

Levels of blood pressure in a person follow a daily routine. The level is maximum when you get up in the morning and minimum when you go off to sleep at night. Most of the drugs or tablets remain active for the entire course of the day. Whereas, there are some medications that are to be taken during night time for they reduce the blood pressure when you get up in the morning. So, these aspects are to be kept in mind. You should consult your doctor about the appropriate time to take blood pressure measurements.

Following are some of the guidelines you need to follow when you take your high blood pressure measurements-

- Before taking high blood pressure measurements you should not be under the influence of any alcohol, tobacco or caffeine products.
- Always urinate before you take your blood pressure measurements.
- If your arm is injured in any way then perform the measurement on the other arm.
- The women who have their breasts removed must take the measurement on the other arm.
- Make sure that you are relaxed and stress free before you start to take the medicines.
- Do not take blood pressure measurements right after exercising.

A physician can only suggest the number of times a person should take his blood oressure measurements. He would analyze the condition of the person and suggest the number of measurements, depending on the severity of his condition.

You need not reach the middle age to monitor your blood pressure. Even as a teenager, you should keep a tab on your health. Studies have revealed that teenagers having a high blood pressure and those who are overweight are at a greater risk of developing thick arteries. Weight, age, and sexual maturity are some of the factors that determine the level of blood pressure in a person. So, checking blood pressure as a teenager can also help.

Finally, you should make it a habit to monitor blood pressure regularly. It would help you remain fit and healthy.