When Should You Measure Your Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is usually higher in the morning after sleep and it tends to slow down during the sleeping hours. The normal blood pressure is less than 80 mmHg of diastolic pressure and less than 120 mmHg of systolic pressure. The systolic pressure is used to denote the beating of the heart and diastolic pressure denotes relaxation of the heart during the beats. The measurement of blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg can also be expressed as “120 over 80.”

The measurement of blood pressure must be left unrecorded in case of self-presumptions of low blood pressure. This has to be regularly and strictly followed as per the directions of the medical practitioner and this is really helpful as both, the patient and the doctor keep a check on the progress and status of the blood pressure. This also helps the doctor prescribe timely advice and medication to the patient. The medicine must not be taken unless prescribed by the doctor and the usage of any health supplements must be preceded by advice from the doctor.

What do I need to do before I measure my blood pressure?

- Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol must not be consumed 30 minutes before the test.
- Urinate before checking blood pressure.
- One must not talk while the measurement is going on.
- One must rest for a period of 3-5 minutes prior to measuring blood pressure.
- There must be a comfortable stance and the back must be properly supported.
- The arm must be placed and raised at almost the same height as that of the heart.
- Cuff’s bottom edge must be at least 1 inch high than the elbow crease.

You must take the advice of the doctor as soon as you experience chest pain, breathing problems, inability to think clearly, and severe headache.

Can one use a finger or wrist blood pressure monitor?
Tests have revealed that finger or wrist blood pressure gadgets tend to show an inaccurate picture and moreover they are comparatively expensive and sensitive to temperature of the body and its position.
How to check blood pressure on my own?
Blood pressure can be checked with the help of blood pressure monitors and blood pressure kits that are easily available at drug stores. The selection of the measurement device must be done after prior consultation with the doctor.