Monitor BP

Go Digital With Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Nowadays, it is of paramount importance to have a blood pressure monitor at home. Blood pressure can be measured in so many ways. Earlier, cuff was used to measure blood pressure. But, now you can go the digital way. Digital device gives you true and accurate blood pressure readings.

They are very easy to use and allow you to measure your blood pressure at home without having any assistance from anyone. This digital blood pressure monitor gives you all the comfort by allowing you to stay at home and measure your blood pressure at ease. You don't need to go to doctor time and again.

With the help of this digital device, you can measure your blood pressure regularly. Some digital monitors' cuffs need to be manually inflated and some work automatically. They have in-built LCD screen that displays the reading. It always gives accurate readings. Here are a few models of Omron digital blood pressure monitors:

a) HEM-907XL Omron Blood Pressure Monitor:
It comes with four different cuff sizes. Its accuracy is clinically proven. It is basically designed for professionals and is very simple to use. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm, press the start button and get your blood pressure readings within seconds. The readings would be displayed on the monitor. Cuffs inflation and deflation is automatic in this device. It gives you greater choice of arm cuff circumferences. It can fit with any arm size, be it medium, small, large or extra-large. It is available for $540.

b) Omron HEM-773AC Blood Pressure Monitor:
The cuff of this device is basically designed for proper and quick fit. That makes taking blood pressure very easy. All you need to do is wrap the cuff and press the start button. Within seconds, the result would be displayed on the digital display.

The wonderful feature of this device is that it is a 2 user model. This feature lets you keep separate histories with time and date, for both. It has in-built compartment for cuff storage. This device is available for $59.95.

But, before buying them, think about the size and location of the cuff to see if the accuracy of the monitor is right.