Monitor BP

How To Measure Blood Pressure

Many people prefer to measure their blood pressure units at home when not visiting their doctor or nurse. Sometimes doctors ask them to learn how to measure blood pressure and take their blood pressure measurements at home for controlling blood pressure in a more effective way. Nowadays, a wide range of blood pressure machines are available in the market. If you want to buy blood pressure monitors, get information here Some New Device To Measure Blood Pressure.

Whenever buying and choosing blood pressure tester or blood pressure monitor, make sure that you are buying the best blood pressure monitor which is giving accurate readings. For accurate readings, you should be proficient enough in taking blood pressure readings.

Among useful blood pressure equipment, the aneroid monitor is the best device to measure blood pressure. Now let us learn how to measure blood pressure using the aneroid meter. These steps are:

I) Insert stethoscope's ear pieces into your ears and place the stethoscope disk inside your elbows crease.

II) Straighten your left arm and put the cuff on it around the same height of your heart.

III) Then inflate the cuff by squeezing the rubber bulb.

IV) Stop inflating once you cross the systolic reading.

V) Now, slowly deflate the cuff and carefully listen for the 'swoosh' sound through the stethoscope because as you deflate, blood will start flowing again. This is your systolic pressure.

VI) Now keep listening carefully while deflating the cuff and stop where you can no longer hear your heartbeats. This is your diastolic pressure.

So, these are the simple ways, which may help you to learn how to measure blood pressure.